National Cancer Institute Awards SBIR Grant to Advance Development of KLRG1 Targeted Therapy for Melanoma

Abcuro Inc., announced that it has been awarded a Small Business Innovation Research Grant (SBIR) from the NIH National Cancer Institute. This Phase I grant will support advancement of the company’s anti-KLRG1 blocking antibody (ABC-015) with support for testing in in vivo efficacy models.

KLRG1 has recently emerged as an attractive target to restore anti-tumor immune function. It is an inhibitory receptor of T and NK cells and it functions to reduce the activity of highly differentiated immune cells by interacting with its ligands E/N cadherin. Abcuro has developed a blocking antibody directed toward KLRG1 that restores immune function. Proceeds from the grant will fund continued development of the clinical candidate molecule ABC-015 and enable a deeper mechanistic understanding of the role of KLRG1 as a new immuno-oncology cancer target.

“Improving our understanding of the biological underpinning of KLRG1 as a new immuno-oncology target will translate in added value to clinicians and patients”, remarked CEO and founder Stefano Gulla.

This project builds upon the successful target validation work performed at Abcuro showing the relevance of KLRG1 in the context of immuno-oncology. The data that will be generated as part of this work will accelerate preclinical development of a ABC-015 for treatment of melanoma.

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