Abcuro Founder Reports on the Role of KLRG1+ T cells in Inclusion Body Myositis

Abcuro co-founder Steven A Greenberg, MD and his collaborators have published results of studies on clinical samples in inclusion body myositis (IBM), titled “Highly Differentiated Cytotoxic T Cells in Inclusion Body Myositis”. IBM is an autoimmune disease characterized by T cell infiltration and attack of muscle fibers. A chronic disease with no therapeutic options, the long-term effect of this autoimmune disease is loss of hand function and ability to walk, difficulty swallowing, and a significant impact on quality of life. Based on gene expression data, muscle biopsies, and blood samples, the study identified a significant increase in the number of KLRG1+ CD8 T cells in blood and muscle biopsies as opposed to other muscle diseases. It furthermore highlighted the favorable safety expectations of targeting KLRG1, demonstrating its absence from helpful regulatory T cells and lymph node central memory T cells. The study was published in Brain, and can be found here: It was accompanied by an editorial, which can be found here:

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