Focused on T and NK cell targets for autoimmunity (AI) & immuno-oncology (IO) Multiple targets identified by mining human disease tissue expression databases

Lead programs targeting KLRG1: CD8 T effector memory (TEM/TEMRA) and NK cells


Remove pathogenic T cells for autoimmunity

KLRG1 marks highly differentiated T cells that in the context of autoimmune disease are linked to tissue damage. Abcuro has developed an antibody capable of depleting autoreactive T cells removing the source of immune attack on healthy tissue.

Anti-KLRG1 blocker

Reactivate T/NK cells for immuno-oncology

KLRG1 inhibitory action on T and NK cells via E/N-cadherin reduces antigen specific immune response to cancer. Abcuro has developed a KLRG1 blocking antibody capable of restoring T cells resulting in potentiation of the immune response against cancer.

Abcuro’s Target Identification approach